When and where will the next Chatbot Summit be held?

The next Chatbot Summit is going to be held in Tel Aviv in June 2019 If you'd like to get notified about updates, please sign up to our newsletter

What is your Refund Policy?

You will be able to return your ticket up to 30 days before the first day of the Summit. Ticket price includes ticketing fee (usually between 5€ and 10€) as stated during the checkout process. This ticket fee is Non-Refundable.

Who is the organizer of Chatbot Summit?

Sunrize Digital Ltd. is the proud owner and organizer of Chatbot Summit. For more information please visit www.sunrizedigital.com.

How can I contact the organizer?

Please email us at info@chatbotsummit.com or write to us in the Chat via on our site.

Who can help me with getting letter for obtaining a visa to Germany?

Please send an email to info@chatbotsummit.com after you have purchased your ticket. We can provide a letter to say there's an upcoming conference.

What is Chatbot Summit About?

Chatbot Summit is the world's leading international event series connecting the eminent professionals and organizations who believe natural language will be the next curve in customerl experience. To date, 4 successful international conferences were held in Berlin and inTel Aviv. The conferences bring the world’s most influential brands, global technology leaders, and fast-growing startups together, who are partnering to build the best in class natural language experiences and take them to market.

Who will be at the Summit in October 2018 in Berlin and what can I learn about?

The Summit will feature 1500+ Professionals with 350+ attendees from leading consumer brands, 300 VIP-level attendees, 50+ trade show exhibitors of early-stage startups to global technology leaders, and 100+ Speakers delivering 50+ sessions across 4 stages. Topics will include: Real-Life Success Stories of brands deploying bots, Trends for 2019, Investments & Promising Startups, Advancements in Natural Language Processing, Generation Customer Service & Artificial Intelligence, Voice Technologies, Voice Bots, AR/VR Bots, Virtual Assistants, The Human Element, and A.I. Digital Transformation Through Conversation Industry with a focus on Automotive/Finance/ Travel/Telco. There will be a comprehensive day of hands-on workshops for developers and UX/ products managers, a digital transformation strategy session for business and technology leaders, a dedicated VIP roundtable area reserved for VIP holders only, an international startup competition featuring early stage startups in the field.

What is your Privacy Policy?

You can learn about our Privacy Policy here: https://www.sunrizedigital.com/privacy-policy

What are your Terms of Use?

You can learn about our Terms of Use here: https://www.sunrizedigital.com/termsandconditions

When do ticket prices rise and by how much?

Ticket prices will rise in a gradual manner every Monday at 7PM CET.

Can I reassign my ticket?

Yes! If you would prefer to reassign your ticket to someone else who can attend Chatbot Summit, you are more than welcome.

Am I able to pay by credit card?

Yes. Once you input your information on Eventbrite, you may click on "PayPal Check out" and it takes you to the window as seen in the image below. From there you have the option of "PayPal Guest Checkout" and you pay with your credit card. If you are having trouble because you are already logged into your PayPal account (and want to use a company credit card instead, for example) try to logout of your PayPal account or try to complete this entire process in a new "Incognito Window."

When is a more detailed agenda going to be published?

We are updating the agenda on a week-by-week basis based on new approved speakers. If you'd like to receive a detailed agenda of last year - please email us at info@chatbotsummit.com

What's the difference between "Startups & Individuals Special Passes" and "General Attendee Passes?"

"Startups & Individuals Special Passes" are for startups, small agencies (up to 10 employees), freelancers, and individuals. "General Attendee Passes" are for corporations and large agencies (over 10 employees).

I attended Chatbot Summit and want to see the videos

We are going to make available the recorded videos of Chatbot Summit soon. If you'd like to get notified make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter or email us at info@chatbotsummit.com If you purchased a workhop pass we are going to make a selected number of workshops available soon as well. For those who didn't purchase a ticket, we will make the videos available through our virtual pass.

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If you have any questions, please send an email through our form below or to info@chatbotsummit.com, or send a message to our online chat.