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“How to Measure the Success of a Chatbot”

Chatbot Summit’s first show, as part of a series of shows leading up to the main event: Chatbot Summit Virtual Vegas, was centered around “How to Measure the Success of Your Chatbot” with Leonid Mishkind, Manager of AI Platforms at Vodafone Global, Greg Bennett, Lead User Researcher at Salesforce and Yoav Barel, CEO and Founder of Chatbot Summit. 


During this week’s show, Leonid, Greg and Yoav discuss why it is important to measure the success of a chatbot especially during times of crisis as many enterprise investments are being reevaluated. This discussion addresses the high ROI chatbots bring to a company and these three industry professionals provide learnings and insights on how you can measure the success of your team’s chatbot.


How is Vodafone Measuring Their Chatbots Success?  


Leonid uses his own case study working with Vodafone TOBi, a consumer facing platform that is dedicated to improving customer relations by supporting millions of conversations/month over 15 different global markets. He explains how Vodafone’s aim is to automate 60% of their customer interactions (about 50 million a month!) and he addresses the challenge of how to prioritize and make a plan when launching a bot in a complex environment with multiple products and services.


Introducing PNR?! A New Way to Measure Conversational Health 


Greg uses his own background in linguistics and UX to address and answer questions on what companies should measure in terms of conversational health. He explains the importance of “pauses” and what features make a bot engaging. 


Don’t Forget Your Business Stakeholders


From a strategy perspective, Yoav explains that for business stakeholders, it is often about reducing the contact center costs but that this task also needs to also be balanced with another business measurement related to NPS. 


What Do YOU Think? 


We asked the audience to give their input on the question “what is the most important KPI to measure the success of a bot’” and after realizing the industry does not have an acronym for a conversational health metric, we brought this to the wisdom of the community who engages in a conversation to come up with new ways to measure conversational health and discussed the if we should we have something different for chat, voice and conversational video? 


If you are interested in learning more about what KPIs you can use to measure the success of an enterprise conversational bot or want to hear some of the tools Leonid uses to measure conversational health, check out our fully recorded video here!

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