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14:00 - 15:30

Horizon Highlights

Bringing Conversational and Generative AI Together to Enhance Customer Experience: Strategies & Tactics

Human Interaction
Customer Service

Juan Martin Maglione

Mark Wessel

Jan Zubíček

Stefan Schaffer

Aura Hita Losa

Thomas Rüdel

About This Horizon

In an era marked by rapidly evolving customer expectations, the pivotal role of Conversational AI in redefining customer experiences takes center stage at our conference. We unite industry pioneers to delve into the latest in AI technologies, engagement strategies, and the harmonious blend of AI with human touchpoints in customer service. Explore advancements in chatbot innovation, investment insights, natural language processing, emotionally intelligent voice AI, and cross-sector AI applications. Learn actionable strategies for data-driven decision-making, ethical AI deployment, and leveraging cloud technologies. This gathering is a crucible for innovation, offering insights into transforming customer interactions and fostering unparalleled customer satisfaction in the digital age.

Time & Place

March 20, 2024

14:00 - 15:30

The Ritz-Cartlon Berlin

Grand Ballroom II and III

20 Roundtable Seating of 6

120 Seats

Horizon Sessions

Reimagining Customer Service: Achieving a 70% Cost-to-Serve Reduction with Gen AI

Juan Martin Maglione

Global Gen AI Expert, BCG

Juan Martin Maglione is a ECT Project Lead in the Madrid office of The Boston Consulting Group. Prior to joining the firm, Juan Martin was a Product Transformation Manager at Santander Group. His four-year tenure at Santander included building the Global Cognitive Conversational Solutions Programme, becoming the first cloud artificial intelligence project in the group. Previously, Juan Martin created a startup in Amsterdam, focused in implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions.

Lesson Learned Optimizing our Conversational AI Assistant

Mark Wessel

Product Lead Digital Channels & Digital Assistant, KPN

Mark is product lead for the digital channels at KPN. And in addition Mark heads up Conversational AI at KPN, where he is responsible for overseeing the Digital Assistant. His primary objective is to provide KPN customers with highly personalized and relevant experiences. Mark holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Delft University of Technology. Prior to joining KPN in 2015, he worked for nine years at Accenture, specializing in digital innovation and strategy. Mark is driven by his passion for technology that enhances, simplifies, and enriches the lives of users, making their experiences effortless and more enjoyable.

Mark has been working in the domain of conversational AI since 2018 focusing on building a mature omnichannel (web/app/voice) omnichannel digital assistant as the primary starting point for digital journeys, grounded in a digital first, human assisted strategy. Since 2023 focusing on embedding generative AI solutions both in the Digital Assistant and the KPN organization at large.

Behind Kate: Engineering a Customer-Centric Conversational AI

Jan Zubíček

Lead Architect - KATE, ČSOB

With over 18 years of experience in IT working for companies both small and enterprise size, I`ve spent the last 3 years as the lead enterprise architect for KATE - ČSOB`s virtual assistant. In this role I was responsible for formulating the product vision and making sure that both the technologies and the culture of our company is at the right level to allow us to deliver a data driven virtual assistant.

Let the RAG control your botti? Edge cases
for simple RAG approaches

Stefan Schaffer

Senior Researcher, DFKI GmbH

Stefan Schaffer is a Senior Researcher and Head of the Human-AI Interaction group at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) Cognitive Assistants department.
As project leader of numerous industrial and applied research projects, he realised human-AI interfaces utilising conversational, multisensory, and implicit interaction for domains such as mobility, automotive, tax information, customer service, etc.
Currently, he is working on AI chatbots for value chains and hybrid events. Before joining DFKI, Stefan worked as a product manager at Linon Medien. He studied communication science and computer science and did his doctorate at the Technical University of Berlin in the field of multimodal human-computer interaction.

Elevating Post Purchase Customer Experience with Generative AI

Aura Hita Losa

CX Automations Specialist, On AG

As a CX Advocate and seasoned Marketer, Aura is at the forefront of advancing Conversational Automation in her role as a CX Automations Specialist at On. She brings over a decade of global digital expertise, and has dedicated over 5 years to the Conversational AI industry, with a focus on elevating customer-brand interactions through the application of AI technologies.

Passionate about creating meaningful conversations, Aura is highly engaged in understanding UX and cross-cultural consumer behavior, reflecting her dedication to fostering impactful and innovative solutions.

Join Aura as she explores the synergies between NLP and GenAI to enhance post-purchase customer experiences. Through a hybrid approach, we uncover how these technologies are improving customer interactions. We will dive into ongoing GenAI initiatives, understanding the challenges encountered and strategies and tactics for overcoming them.

The Kauz aiStudio - A Platform for Transparent and Controllable AI-Assistants for Companies of All Sizes

Thomas Rüdel

Founder & CEO, Kauz

Thomas holds a Ph.D. in Statistics and Econometrics. He spent 18 years as Associate, Partner and Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, advising clients in insurance, financial services, and IT. After an interlude during which he studied AI, Linguistics, and Computer Science he founded Kauz in 2016.


Agenda & Activities

  • Into - 5 Mins

  • Lightning Keynotes - 10-15 Minutes Each

  • Table Discussion - 10 Minutes

  • Q&A - 20 Minutes

  • Outro - 5 Minutes

Horizon Author

Yoav Barel

Founder & Managing Partner, Chatbot Summit

Yoav Barel is the Founder and CEO of Chatbot Summit and a Partner at Sunrize Research. He is a seasoned tech executive with senior positions at Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and LivePerson, where he pioneered customer experience innovations. Yoav believes that conversational experiences powered by Generative AI (Chatbots) will dominate how we interact with technology and businesses. He also advises startups and provides research services to corporations and investors.

Horizon Moderator

Chad Oda

Head Of Consulting, Chatmode

Chad currently manages a chatbot and voice consulting company, Amnis Consulting, that provides chatbot and voice solutions for enterprise companies. Furthermore, Chad is the host of “The Bot Podcast” where he interviews startup and enterprise innovators in the chatbot & voice space. Chad also manages the 500+ member Chatbot & Voice Technology meet-up in Seattle.


In order to register to our workshops you must purchase a Platinum Pass. With the Pass you are eligible to select up to 4 workshops. If you are interested in attending only one workshop you may purchase the Gold Plus Pass.

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