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Dec 11


40% Reduction in Average Handling Time With Chatbots! Chatbots and Webchats: The Dream Team Behind the AA's Success

This case study of "AA Ireland - The introduction of webchat & chatbot technologies" covers the establishment of a sales webchat team and the introduction of intelligent integrated chatbot sales agents. The combination of chatbots and webchat proved to be a superb success. The webchat team significantly increased the overall online company conversion rate. The subsequent chatbot project resulted in a further 11% increase in online conversion and a 40% reduction in the time it takes the webchat team to deal with a customer.



Louise McCormack

Louise McCormack

Automation Manager

Louise McCormack is the Automation Manager for the AA Ireland. She joined the company in late 2017 and manages a team that are responsible for Bots, CRM and automation projects. Some of her achievements included setting up a webchat team, and the introduction of AI and Bots to the company. In 2018, she successfully designed and introduced Servisbot chatbots and as a result this increased quote to sale conversion by 11%. Louise has over ten years’ experience in e-commerce and digital marketing. She also completed a Masters in Marketing Consumption and Society at the University of Limerick.

AA Ireland



AA Ireland

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AA Ireland was founded in 1910 to provide roadside assistance for drivers. Today it is Ireland’s largest Roadside Rescue company and one of the largest companies in Ireland that provides car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance and life insurance. AA Ireland has always been progressive when it comes to adopting new technologies that enable better customer engagement. Six years ago, the AA introduced its mobile app to assist customers with speedy roadside assistance. Today the app offers the quickest way for customers to report a breakdown and also rewards their loyalty with fuel discounts at participating outlets. To build on its existing app and webchat service and to serve customers more efficiently, the AA has introduced chatbot technology to manage customer policy renewals, improve conversions on new quotes and to create a convenient way for existing customers to gain 24/7 access to information about their policies.

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