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Oct 12


Building the world's most advanced socratic GenAI powered tutor in 3 months

The teams at Khan Academy have been working for years to emulate 1:1 tutoring by enabling learners to move at their own time and pace through videos and practice problems. But when they were given an early sneak peak into GPT-4, they saw an opportunity to truly democratize 1:1 tutoring at scale.

In this keynote, Shawn will delve deep into the inner workings of Khanmigo, Khan Academy's AI tutor: how it harnesses GenAI to adapt to learners, the innovative integration of educational principles, the strategies for increasing mathematical accuracy, and the agile processes necessary to build and launch in 3 months. In addition, Shawn will shed light on potential challenges as well as future enhancements the team is looking to implement.

14:30 - 15:00

Hearts Stage

Shawn Jansepar

Shawn Jansepar

Khanmigo Product Leader

Shawn Jansepar is the Director of Engineering and Product Leader of the Khanmigo Platform at Khan Academy. Shawn focuses on leveraging technology for social use, emphasizing strong team-building to deliver exceptional products. Shawn’s careful attention to the growth and success of his teams fosters a collaborative and inclusive environment. His dedication to social impact ensures that the Khanmigo Platform aligns with Khan Academy’s mission of delivering accessible, high-quality education. Shawn also serves as the Modo Co-op Vice Chair of the Board, underscoring his steadfast commitment to community and cooperative initiatives.

Khan Academy



Khan Academy

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Khan Academy is an ed-tech nonprofit with a mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

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