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Dec 12


Meeting Insights: Turn Team Collaboration into Continuous Productivity using Voice.AI

Speech Recognition Technologies and Voice AI are improving the way enterprise’s are running their corporate meetings. As we all know, bringing together key team members driving decisions, execution and planning is a critical part of enterprises’ successes. One big problem is that business intelligence data, expert opinions, and actionable insights can be easily lost. In this session, AudioCodes Voice.AI Product Marketing Manager, Gidi Adlersberg, will unveil how advanced speech technologies and AI improve the way meetings are run with the introduction of Meeting Insights - an enterprise solution enabling enterprises to capture, organize, and share meeting content throughout the organization using Voice.AI technology. Gidi will show how the thinking process behind Meeting Insights is aimed at significantly improving a company’s ability to retain and easily share what AudioCodes believes to be the most important company asset of them all – people and their thoughts.



Gidi Adlersberg

Gidi Adlersberg

Voice.AI Product Marketing

Gidi Adlersberg is the Product Marketing and Business Development Manager of the Voice.AI business unit at AudioCodes. In his role, Gidi works on designing and shaping the AudioCodes voice recognition enterprise solutions, featuring enterprise-class voice bots for improving workspace productivity and customer experience, as well as promoting business opportunities and connections within the Voice.AI space. Working day-to-day in the voice recognition industry, Gidi advises global organizations and telcos on voice recognition and voice bots technologies, and its best practices for implementation and user experience.





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AudioCodes prides itself as the voice DNA of the digital workplace. We have been innovating and deeply involved in enabling enterprises of all sizes to communicate effectively, internally and with their customers. Over the years, AudioCodes unified communications and contact center solutions have been developed and sold along with Microsoft, Genesys, Avaya, Cisco and many more. AudioCodes is traded on NASDAQ (AUDC) and has a global foot print of sales, marketing, R&D, services and operations.

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