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Oct 12


nibby, the always-on voicebot: transforming the call experience for 1.5 million health insurance members

Meet nibby, nib Group's multi-channel bot. Starting out as a humble FAQ chatbot, it's now a fully-fledged member of the service and sales team, assisting human consultants and handling over 30% of member interactions. nibby is the front door to nib Group's contact centre and provides seamless call-from-app authentication, end-to-end member transactions and cross-channel switching capabilities.

Dom will walk us through how nibby has become a core component in contact centre strategy - mitigating volume peaks, optimising traffic by contact channel, and capitalising on out-of-hours interactions. And for their members - how nibby ensures each interaction is as seamless as possible with features like predicting enquiries, accessing customer records and tailoring conversations accordingly.

14:30 - 15:00

Clubs Stage

Dom Sammut

Dom Sammut

Sr. Manager - Conversational Experience

Dom leads the Conversational Experiences team at nib Group where he drives the digital transformation of their contact centre into a customer-first automated platform.
He pioneered multi-bot support for Rasa to facilitate the growing and complex nature of customer interactions.
Dom is passionate about building comprehensive data visualizations to illustrate customer and business success of the conversational AI products across nib and its partners.

nib Group



nib group

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nib Group become the first health insurer in Australia to launch a 24/7 voicebot, providing end-to-end transactions and a seamless blend of bot and agent-assisted experiences. Our chat and voicebots have become an integral part of the customer servicing strategy with over 40% of all conversations not requiring human intervention.

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