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Dec 12

Open Plaza Talk

Onboarding a bot in your support team - from 0 to half a million conversations

ChatBot’s first scenario for LiveChat’s support team was created to help with frequently asked questions about the LiveChat app. Creating the scenario was not that hard, but we noticed it’s not that easy to create a seamless transition between an agent and a bot. Join the talk to learn how we dealt with this obstacle at LiveChat and get some tips on creating and managing the flow for your own live team + bot implementation.





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ChatBot is a framework launched by LiveChat in 2017. It lets you create a variety of bots that answer customer questions, automate lead generation, gather feedback or streamline the buying process. The tool is already used by organizations such as Adidas, Boston University, Intuit and Kayak. The application allows companies to use chatbots in their communication strategy even if they are not programming-savvy businesses. ChatBot offers its users a drag and drop interface to create bots. They also have access to the Academy section that explains more difficult aspects of bots creation. ChatBot offers two matching systems that can be used alternately - Machine Learning (which focuses on whole sentences typed by users during a conversation with a bot) and Keywords (that is based mostly on crucial words or expressions). With the power of entities, that recognize the most popular common concepts like emails or phone numbers, chatbots can match inquiries correctly and capture important data (including those more complicated than numbers) as well. The built-in Training section allows users to review all of the unmatched customer queries, that a bot didn't recognize, and add them directly to the scenario without the need to dig into the conversation archives. Chatbots created within the application can be implemented in Facebook Messenger, Slack and LiveChat or as a chat widget.

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