Wednesday, June 26 | 08:00 - 17:00
Exhibition & Keynotes

08:00 - 08:55

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Opening Ceremony

A Live Show of a Humanoid Robot on Stage

Pepper, Volume AI

State of the Bots: Crossing the Chasm!

Yoav Barel, Chatbot Summit

How Conversational AI Is Transforming Customer Experience In The World’s Leading Brands

Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski (MC) | Yoav Barel, Chatbot Summit | Annika Schroeder, UBS

The Death of the Websites

Alex Spinelli, LivePerson

Chat, Voice, Vision and Beyond

Amit Ben, LogMeIn

Voice, The Most Fundamental Form of Human Communications, Meets Bots

Nimrode Borovsky, AudioCodes

Introducing the Next Step in Conversational Design

Yaki Dunietz, Ai Research

Opening Remarks

Yehuda Messinger, MC

State of the Bots: Crossing the Chasm to Success!

Yoav Barel, Chatbot Summit

Fireside Chat: How Conversational AI Is Transforming Customer Experience In The World’s Leading Brands

Moderator: Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski; Nikola Aschoff, Mercedes-Benz

The Next Frontier in Conversation Design: Unifying Bot Design Through Collaboration

Yaki Dunietz, AI Conversation Systems

Look Who's Talking: Persona and Brand in Connected Devices

Wally Brill, Google

Harnessing Voice.Ai for a Delightful Conversational Experience- From 'Nice' to 'Must Have'

Gidi Adlersberg, AudioCodes

How AI Brings Back Humanity to Technology and Business

Amit Ben, LogMeIn


Yoav Barel, Chatbot Summit

Giving Your Brand a Voice! Successful Strategies & Tactics

Leaving You Speechless! Why Every Business Must Have a Voice A.I. Strategy

Yoav Barel, Chatbot Summit & Voice Summit

How Will Voice A.I. Impact the Digital Transformation Plans of Leading Brands

Voice of the Bots: How a premium brand as Mercedes-Benz is
using Voice- and Chatbots to drive its digital transformation

Nikola Aschoff, Mercedes-Benz

Why Psychology Is the Key to Unlocking the Potential of Voice

Hans Van Dam, Robocopy

10:50 - 11:10

Exhibition Experience | B2B Networking | Open Plaza Talks 

Case-study: How Voice.AI Bots Transform Customer Service

Gidi Adlersberg, AudioCodes

Importance of Data in Successful Chatbot Deployments

Dorota Iskra, Appen

11:15 - 12:45

Breakout Sessions: Main Stage | NLP Stage | Conversation Stage

Main Stage

How VCs Think of Technology Breakthroughs, and the Impact of Deep Learning Based NLP on Chatbots

Eden Shochat, Aleph VC

Investing in AI

Jon Medved, OurCrowd

Virtual Assistant Ability Model (VAAM)

Prof. Yi Zhang, RulAI

Chatbots Suck: Why the Chat User Interface Revolution Isn't Happening (Yet)

Pieter Buteneers, Chatlayer

How To Create More Effective and Relevant Chatbots

Thomas Dufermont, Alliance for Open Chatbot | Katya Lainé, Kwalys

All Talks No Button- Using Human-Focused AI to Transform Banking

Ankit Chhajer, Royal Bank of Scotland

No more POC Chatbots - How to Really Scale Chatbot Projects in your Company and Bring them to Production

Michelle Skodowski, BOTfriends

Incredible Innovations in Conversational AI – what should marketing teams do in 2020?

Dr. Geraint Evans

The Experience Economy: Driving Value Through Disruptive Technology

Rohan Patel, SAP

Panel: How Conversational AI Is Transforming Customer Experience In The World’s Leading Brands

Speaker to be revealed soon

Creating Agile Conversations in a Rigid Corporate Environment

Speaker to be revealed

Conversational AI for Social Good: How the American Red Cross Furthers its Mission with Chatbots and Voice Experiences

Michelle Mullenax, Product Lead, Conversational A.I. Team, American Red Cross

Stand Your Brand Out Of The Crowd: Discovery Mechanisms for Chatbots in the Real World

Pedro Andrade, Head of New Product Development, WIT Software

NLP Stage

Multimedia Learning: Speech to Text to Language

Asi Sheffer, LogMeIn

The 5 Levels of AI Assistants

Alan Nichol, Rasa

NLP Training Data: Why It Is So Difficult To Make Intelligent Chatbots

Benoit Alvarez, Volume AI

Moving Towards Data-Driven Assessment of Bot Success

Irit Sella, LivePerson

Conversation Stage

12:45 - 13:50

Lunch | Exhibition Experience | B2B Networking | Open Plaza Talks 

QBox: How To Improve Your Training Data

Benoit Alvarez, Volume AI

Conversational Components: How to Build Better Conversations Using Coco's Modular Components

Chen Buskilla, imperson

Chatbots for Preliminary Medical Diagnosis

Adam Radziszewski, Infermedica

The Multilingual Chatbot - Text & Voice

Guy Shkolnik, WebTech Innovation LTD

Cutting the Hype Out of AI and Truly Automating Communication with Customers

Darek Zabrzeński,

Enrich Your Chatbot With AI Capabilities

Tal Neaman, IBM

14:05 - 15:00

Breakout Sessions: Main Stage | NLP Stage | Conversation Stage

Main Stage

Real Life Success Stories of Brands Launching Bots

Yannick Combourieu, I Akemi Tsunagawa, BeSpoke

Live Show With Kwalys’ Voicebots: What Is The Future of Virtual Assistants and What Is The Impact On Our Lives And To Our Society?

Katya Lainé, Kwalys

Putting the Conversation Back Into Banking: A Story of Smart Machines and Smart People

Terry Cordeiro, Lloyds Banking Group

The Return of the Bot | The Story Behind the Smartest Banking Bot in Italy!

Alessandro Vitale, Conversate

Storytelling for Tech Brands: Building Trust for Conversational AI

Tilo Bonow, Piabo PR

Celebrate ANNA’s 1st Birthday, the Virtual Assistant of ABN AMRO!

Jeroen Das, ABN AMRO; Bob van Groningen, ABN AMRO

40% Reduction in Average Handling Time With Chatbots! Chatbots and Webchats: The Dream Team Behind the AA's Success

Louise McCormack, AA Ireland

Telekom Business Messaging: A New Channel for Conversational Commerce

Bianca Löwemann, Deutsche Telekom AG

Speech, Are We There Yet? Technical Challenges of Reaching Mass Adoption for Consumer Speech Applications

Daniel Whaley, BBC

How the Leading Retailers are Upgrading Your Shopping Experience with Conversational AI Marketing Tactics

Speaker to be revealed

How Large Enterprise are Using Chatbots to Coach Their Employees

Speaker to be revealed soon

Micro-Conversations in Large Enterprises: How AI is Improving Internal Processes

Speaker to be revealed

Storytelling for Tech Brands: Building Trust for Conversational AI

Speaker to be revealed

NLP Stage

Facilitate BMW Business Process Through Conversational AI

Roshan Amasa, BMW

NLP-Architect by AI-Lab: An Open Source NLP Library for Developing NLP Solutions

Moshe Wasserblat, INTEL

Breaking Voice & Language Barriers with AI

Boaz Ziniman, Amazon

Conversation Stage

15:10 - 15:30

Exhibition Experience | B2B Networking | Open Plaza Talks 

Freshchat Marketplace: How to Scale Your Chatbot Business With AI in the Field of Customer Service

Murali Satagopan, Freshworks Inc.

EVA by App2Check: Build a Cognitive Chatbot With No Technical Skills and Maintain its Knowledge Base as a CMS

Emanuele Di Rosa, App2Check

Build Once, Use Anywhere: Creating Multichannel NLP Conversations in a Couple of Mouse Clicks.

Andrew Ganin,

Chatbot Templates - A Chatbot for Every Business

Nathan Bajrach, Virtual Spirits


Closing Ceremony

Live Show of Robot Companion ElliQ

Dor Skuler, Intuition Robotics

Startup Competition Finals

Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski

Personality Portraits and Cognitive Design of Interactions copy copy

Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski

Startup Competition Winner Announcement

Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski

Tourist Experience Re-Invented. How our Chatbot helps over 10 Million travelers every year!

Akemi Tsunagawa, BeSpoke

Closing Remarks

Yoav Barel, Chatbot Summit

The 5 Levels of AI Assistants

Alan Nichol, Rasa ; Nathaniel Kohn, Lemonade

WhatsApp in the Wild : Lessons Learned from the Largest WhatsApp Enterprise Deployments in the World.

Mike Gozzo,

Startup Competition Finals

Nimrod Kozlovski, HFN; Christian Buchwald, TÜV Rheinland Service GmbH; Leonid Mishkind, Vodafone; Tilo Bonow, PIABO; Karoline Malzbender, Deutsche Bahn

CoCo Chatbot Developer Competition Announcement

Ethics and Regulations in Conversational A.I.

Nimrod Kozlovski, HFN

Winner Announcement & Closing Remarks

Yoav Barel, Chatbot Summit

Panel: How Conversational AI is Transforming the Media

Tilo Bonow, Piabo PR; Dat Tran, Axel Springer; Mina Saidze, Funke Digital; Tom Jessen, RTL Europe; Daniel Whaley, BBC

Closing Remarks

Yoav Barel, Voice & Chatbot Summit

Startup Competition Finals

Ethics and Regulations in Conversational A.I.

Nimrod Kozlovski, VP Global Marketing, HFN

Winner Announcement & Closing Remarks

Yoav Barel,Founder & CEO, Chatbot Summit

20:00 - 23:00