THURSDAY May 14 |  Mandalay-Bay Hotel


Welcome Experience

Register and grab a coffee! Then come watch our Startup Competition Semi-Finals, explore our exhibition space or meet for your pre-scheduled 1:1 B2B meeting!


Opening Ceremony

Technology and AI is changing the future. Join us as Chatbot Summit CEO, executives from the leading brands and venture capital firms enrich the audience with the state of tech and AI and give us a glimpse into what our future might look like in 2025!

Surprise Robot Appearance!

Show of a Live Bot on Stage


Yoav Barel, Founder & CEO, Chatbot Summit

BOTS 2025: Crossing the Chasm to Success!


Michael Fertik, Founder of Heroic Ventures &; Yoav Barel, Founder & CEO, Chatbot Summit

Fireside Chat: Conversational Center of Excellence for every Enterprise: A Dream Come True?


Ed Doran, Director PM & CoFounder Cortana, Microsoft

Conversation, Trust, and the Next Generation of AI


Gidi Adlersberg, Voice.AI Product Marketing, AudioCodes

Harnessing Voice.Ai for a Delightful Conversational Experience- From 'Nice' to 'Must Have'


Moderator: Dexter Zavalza, VP and Lead Content & Design Strategist for Mobile, JP Morgan Chase

Panel: It's All About the Customer! How the Leading Brands are Already Changing the Way We Interact


Rich Hultman, Best Buy*

From M-Commerce to Conversational Commerce!



Lunch Break

Chat with some colleagues about your exciting morning and grab a delicious bite to eat! You may even want to pre-schedule a 1:1 B2B lunch meeting, attend an Open Plaza talk and explore the innovative technologies from the leading vendors in our exhibition space!


First Breakout Sessions

With such a wide range of attendees from conversational designers to developers, business managers and more, we've made sure there is a stage that fits everyone's needs! Take a seat at either at the Business & Marketing Stage, Tech & AI Stage or Product & UX Stage to hear a keynote that is most interesting to you!

Business & Marketing

Product & UX

Tech & A.I.


Speaker to be revealed soon

Panel: How Conversational AI Is Transforming Customer Experience In The World’s Leading Brands


Speaker to be revealed

Creating Agile Conversations in a Rigid Corporate Environment


Michelle Mullenax, Product Lead, Conversational A.I. Team, American Red Cross

Conversational AI for Social Good: How the American Red Cross Furthers its Mission with Chatbots and Voice Experiences


Pedro Andrade, Head of New Product Development, WIT Software

Stand Your Brand Out Of The Crowd: Discovery Mechanisms for Chatbots in the Real World


Dexter Zavalza, VP and Lead Content & Design Strategist for Mobile, JP Morgan Chase

Panel: FinTech and Conversational Experiences in 2020 and Beyond


Shyamala Pragaya,Product Owner Digital Assistants, Ford Motor Company

How to Make Emotionally Engaged Digital Assistants


Speaker to be revealed soon

Designing Empathetic Conversation


Speaker to be revealed soon

Responsible AI: How to build conversational AI products with a responsibility lens around fairness, responsibility, and robustness


Alon Mei-Raz, VP, Data & Insights, Bank Hapoalim

Panel: Bots on Steroids: How Banks Are Using Conversational AI to Transform the Industry


Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger, Appen

Importance of Data in Successful Chatbot Deployments


Stephen Keefer, Senior Software Engineer, Enterprise Bot, Accuweather

How AccuWeather Turns UI Apps into a Voice-first Experience


Chandra Khatri, Senior Research Scientist, Uber AI

Behind the Scenes of How Uber Used Conversational AI to Create UBER AI


Afternoon Break

Didn't get to visit all the exhibitors yet? Dont worry! This break gives you another chance to explore the exhibition space, fit one or two 1:1 pre-scheduled meetings or hear an Open Plaza talk!


Second Breakout Sessions

There is still more content to go! Join us for more talks on our breakout stages filled with enriching talks and panels from the world's most innovative brands. Don't forget to say hello to your neighbor- connections can be made anywhere at our Summit!

Business & Marketing

Product & UX

Tech & A.I.


Speaker to be revealed

How the Leading Retailers are Upgrading Your Shopping Experience with Conversational AI Marketing Tactics


Speaker to be revealed soon

How Large Enterprise are Using Chatbots to Coach Their Employees


Speaker to be revealed

Micro-Conversations in Large Enterprises: How AI is Improving Internal Processes


Speaker to be revealed

Storytelling for Tech Brands: Building Trust for Conversational AI


TD Bank, Citi Bank, Wells Fargo *Pending Final Approval

Conversational Banking: How the Leading Banks are Transforming the Industry with AI


Sam Anderson, Experience Designer, Adobe

That Subtle Sense of Sound


Sarah Schreiner, Conversational Designer, GoDaddy

GoDaddyish: The Psychology of Word Choice in Bot Responses


Greg Bennett,Lead User Researcher, Salesforce

Best Practices for Designing Natural, Helpful Bot Dialogs for Customer Support


Leonid Mishkind, Technical Product Owner, Vodafone Group

Behind the Scenes of Vodafone TOBi Conversational AI Platform


Shivani Poddar, Software Engineer, Machine Learning AR/VR ,Facebook

SIMMC: Situated Interactive Multi-Modal Conversational Data Collection And Evaluation Platform


Sascha Wolter, Professional Developer, Cognigy

Building Blocks for Bots: How to design and orchestrate complex bots


Speaker to be revealed

Talking Cars from a Technical Perspective: How the automotive industry is transforming with AI


״Bots Over Beers״

After an eventful and exciting day of learning and connecting, you deserve a beer (or two!) at our famous networking event. It's time to kick back, relax and have some fun with your colleagues and the new friends you have made.


Closing Ceremony

The day is not over yet! Come support the finalists in our Startup Competition as they pitch their idea to a panel of highly esteemed judges. You won't want to miss the lucky team that wins a grand prize. We will also be closing out the day with final keynotes from industry experts who will leave you wondering what comes next in this ever-evolving technological world.

Startup Competition Finals


Nimrod Kozlovski, VP Global Marketing, HFN

Ethics and Regulations in Conversational A.I.


Yoav Barel,Founder & CEO, Chatbot Summit

Winner Announcement & Closing Remarks


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