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In today’s world, customers expect 24/7 service across multiple channels and platforms and assume you will be there for them.
Membit provides an AI holistic solution that brings together various communication channels, intelligent chatbots, and built-in integration, to live-agent systems.
By managing all interactions, Membit utilizes the distinctive strengths of both robots and humans to offer the best customer engagement solution.
With ultra-fast time to market and super-easy implementation, Membit significantly improves the level of service and also increases revenue and customer satisfaction.

Membit is not a platform – it is a managed AI chatbot! 

Type of company:

Chatbot Solution

Headquarters Base:

Bnei Brak, Israel



No. Of Employees:



Get a chatbot once and deploy on various channels!

Use Membit bots hybrid solution to Engage with your customers on channels they prefer coded once and embedded on preferred platforms, such as social media web, mobile, and voice too, when necessary seamlessly hand over to the live agents under one unified workspace.

Get a custom chatbot tailored to your enterprise’s particular needs, with a custom API so you can make changes whenever you need to. Our Enterprise Grade Solution enables building structured customer scripts based on advanced language recognition and integration with various corporate systems, in an end to end solution.


Dina Margalit

Business Development Manager, Membit

Ruthie Margalit

Founder & CEO, Membit

Hodaya Shalom

Server Developer



Reduce Operational Costs – Approximately 60% of customer queries are handled by the bot, without any human interaction.

Increase Customer Satisfaction – Over 80% of users have expressed satisfaction with bot assistance. Bots drastically reduce customer wait time.

Provide Inexpensive 24/7 Availability – 24/7 customer support service can be provided by your organization using the Membit bot at low cost.

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