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More than two years after opening up the Messenger API, WhatsApp API is now available for businesses to connect directly with the consumer. This enables a B2B business model so many of us in the Bot industry have been waiting for!

“August 1st, 2018 is a day to remember in the history of bots!” as quoted by members of the Chatbot Summit community.

Businesses can now apply to conduct non-promotional content via WhatsApp. This includes shipping confirmations, appointment reminders, event tickets, and providing product information through the platform.

We will see consumers asking questions to customer service reps via #bots, order confirmations, shipping information, FAQs, all through #WhatsApp, which will allow users to find information via text instead of searching through email. Businesses will become more responsive with their customers through WhatsApp.

Watch and see how this will impact the daily lives of billion of consumers around the world for the better! With 1.5 billion users, this is sure to be the next big thing!

We are incredibly happy to see a few of our leading partners, LivePerson, and Twilio, taking a leading role in this revolution!


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