Chatbot Summit Berlin 2017 Highlights

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

Article by Ywan van Loon, Co-Founder of ContentForces

The 26th of June was the first Chatbot Summit in Europe. Even better, it was held in my favorite city- Berlin.

In the opening keynote from Yoav Barel, the CEO of Chatbot Summit, he made it clear that the future of chatbots are to become personal assistants. Assistants for health, banking, travel and everything you can imagine. Peer Bentzen from Deutsche Post confirmed it in the panel discussion. Peer is a heavy user of an health assistant bot.

My highlights from the Summit (mainly focused on Development & AI and less on UX)

"As soon as it works, nobody calls it AI anymore"

a quote from 1956 by John McCarthy in the keynote by Jordi Torras from Inbenta.

AI (artificial Intelligence) is used and abused, although the definition is clear and probably different from 1956. So as soon as we will not hear about AI in chatbots anymore it means AI is working.

The hybrid approach: Unsupervised pre-learning combined system actions defined by humans

Björn Gülsdorff – Creative Virtual

This the approach we are using within ContentForces in combination with a human in the loop (see below). The Hybrid Model nr 1