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Interview with Nir Nahum, CTO, WalkMe

Learn about how WalkMe incorporated the "ActionBot" to simplify the online user experience and also hear about what Nir has to say about the Bot Revolution!

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your journey so far with Chatbots?

My name is Nir Nahum and I am the CTO of WalkMe. WalkMe’s journey with chatbots started 6 months ago when we realized the potential of connecting a chatbot to WalkMe. Since then we have released the first phase of the ChatBot product, which we call “ActionBot”. It allows creating conversations that trigger client side actions. More broadly, as digital transformation begins to affect industries one after the other, employees and customers are facing the challenge of digital adoption. Employees are overwhelmed by the explosion of new SaaS products meant to make their lives easier, and customers are regularly frustrated and confused by the multitude of different platforms competing for their attention. Our “ActionBot” aims to cut through the confusion, streamline customer and employee journeys and bring users directly to their intended destinations. All of this is created using a self-service editor with no developers or API needed.

What fascinates you about Chatbots and what is missing for them to become mainstream?

ChatBots have the potential to become a real AI solution, meaning that you can’t really tell apart if you are talking to a bot or a human. This is also what that’s missing now. Nowadays you still know that you are talking to a bot. That being said, bots still have a lot of value today.

What are your top predictions for Chatbots for 2018? 3 years ahead?

I think that in 2018 and beyond, chatbots will begin to broaden their focus on customer experience and activities external to the enterprise, to include the employee experience. As everyday employee activities become increasingly transformed by the digital revolution, employee experience itself is digitizing, leaving employees overwhelmed, frustrated and confused by the large amount of apps, programs and platforms that are required of them to master. This phenomenon has created a new productivity paradox for enterprises - the amount of software solutions intended to improve productivity is increasing but productivity itself is stagnating. Chatbots applied to the employee digital experience will not only be able to identify where employees are struggling, but will offer them a personal, targeted experience to streamline processes and bring employees to their desired destinations.

In 3 years I predict that bots would be much more human-like. In addition, bots would be much easier to build so any brand will be able to easily build highly sophisticated bots.

How did you come to be a speaker at Chatbot Summit? What are you going to talk about?

I attended the previous ChatBot conference in Berlin and set myself a personal goal to attend the next conference as a speaker and to be able to share what that WalkMe is doing in this field. I am happy to say that mission is complete!

Which industries do you believe will be impacted most by the Bot revolution?

All industries. Since all industries involve people using software, a ChatBot can solve the problems of any vertical.


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