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Microsoft’s new Clinical Trials Bot shows how chatbots can solve big problems in pharma and healthca

Despite all the hype around chatbots, strong business cases remain limited when compared to the number of chatbots created.

To be fair, many companies launching chatbots have done so in an experimental spirit, but that hasn’t stopped some observers from asking questions about whether the chatbot hype will ever materialize into something meaningful.

Some chatbots, however, are showing promise and a new Microsoft chatbot hints that the technology might indeed have a meaningful future in healthcare.

A Marketer’s Guide to Chatbots

As detailed by Bloomberg, the company’s Clinical Trials Bot started as a hackathon project in the software giant’s lab in Israel and is now part of the company’s larger healthcare bot initiative. Its purpose: connect patients to clinical trials they’re suited to participate in.

Without the help of technology, that can be a difficult task. According to Hadas Bitran, the group manager for Microsoft Healthcare Israel, there are some 50,000 clinical trials taking place globally, and the criteria for each can be lengthy.


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