• In 2014, Erik got a call from his father: "Son, I can't send emails anymore". He had tried googling for that and, unsurprisingly, came up empty handed. Erik went into troubleshooting mode, discovered the problem and helped his father solve his problem. Erik thought; a machine should be able to do this. After a year of researching, Erik founded Solvemate, the Virtual Support Agent, in 2015. Erik is a visionary founder that truly believes that technology has a real positive impact on the world. He is passionate about AI, computers and software. He likes structure and efficiency, is KPI obsessed and a master of keyboard shortcuts. Prior to Solvemate, Erik founded, an eCommerce platform that he lead for four years, reaching 70 employees. In his early 20s, Erik was a professional sportsman competing in white water canoeing. After winning the German Championships in all age classes, his career culminated in becoming World Champion in 2007 and winning the World Series for three consecutive years.


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