• Jason Stoughton is a technology executive who works with start-up and technology executives driving digital transformation. He is broadly focused on re-imagining and re-designing the enterprise and customer experience in a world “powered by” and “augmented by” Artificial Intelligence, robots, AR/VR, IoT, chatbots, virtual assistants and other digital technologies. His work in Artificial Intelligence began 20 years ago when he held a key executive role at Knova and helped build them into one of the leading AI companies in Silicon Valley from seed funding through a Nasdaq listing and later acquisition. Since then he has acted as a bridge between C-level executives and the people, companies and knowledge that can help them achieve digital transformation in an “AI First” world. In addition, he is a prolific student of AI and is a published author on the topic and hosts a popular podcast called The Pulse of AI that is followed by and listened to by thousands of C-level executives and technologists.

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/jstoughton/

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