• Kristina is a digital psychologist with a background in psychology, philosophy and industrial design engineering. She is currently active as a User Experience manager at Green Orange digital marketing.

    As a digital psychologist, she uses the latest academic research to help companies better understand their users. She gives insights into the users' feelings and emotions and the mental and cognitive processes that occur when interacting with digital products and services.

    Digital psychology is a relatively new discipline that combines theories from the fields of psychology, social sciences and behavioral economics and applies their findings to the creation of digital products (i.e. websites, apps, chatbots, etc). Digital psychology not only seeks to understand and explain the "why" behind online users' activity, but also provides guidance on how innovation can be accomplished so that it is compatible with the natural behavior and fundamental needs of people.

    Besides digital psychology, she has a deep passion for ethics in technology, especially related to artificial intelligence. It's not a secret that AI developers have the responsibility to create truly ethical and moral machines. However, only practitioners of ethics of technology can provide developers with the right practical guidance on how to comply with such ethical issues.

    Kristina holds a master's degree in Applied Cognitive Psychology where she conducted a research on chatbots. Her research was titled: "Designing User engagement with Chatbots: Text-Based Chatbot Characteristics that Influence User Engagement."

    Her motto is: humans first, technology second.


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