• Ron Sasson is the CEO of Skyler360. Ron's company is responsible for leading the chatbot revolution in real estate in the USA and soon locally here in Israel. Skyler360 has a success story of a how a real estate bot can grow and deliver real business value to real estate teams.

    POWERFUL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CHATS Until today chatbots were powered by traditional scripts which lacked personal approach and understanding each user. is here to make a different. Using most advance technology available in the fields of Natural Language understanding, human interaction and personality analyzation provides your users a natural and human like chat conversations. USER FRIENDLY DASHBOARD TO MANAGE YOUR ACTIVITIES Pleased to meet your new employee; Always in good mood, polite, does not take breaks or go to sleep. Managing is easy and time effective using a user friendly dynamic admin interface. You can manage your user acquisition, monitor all chats, create groups, make broadcasting, update conversations, receive alerts and much more. All mentioned, without writing a single code. WHEN IT COMES TO MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS, DATA IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! collects, stores and make the proper real time analyzes on your data in order to gain meaningful conclusions and take actions. provids your online business with easy to use admin panel to make analyse upon your user's behaviour to increase your ROI.


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