• Simon is a designer by trait, who now works as a Partner & Creative Director at BotSupply, where he creates AI solutions- and experiences, which are mediated through conversational interfaces. First and foremost, Simon believes technology can make everything better. The same goes for AI – but with a big emphasis on can. Because of two things: First, “doing AI right” is easier said than done. Second, humans tend to sometimes do things simply because we can, so while potentials are huge, we actually are very faulty creatures, us humans. So, Simon's belief is, that to successfully design applications of AI, we need to ask questions, to think user-centred but also system-centric. We need ethics and judgment. But we also need a whole lot of enthusiasm and can-do attitude, because the opportunities and pros of AI and conversational interfaces simply greatly outscore the cons. In other words, we need design. In Simon's opinion, design as a discipline and approach is only going to become increasingly important in a rapidly approaching “AI-first world”. This is something he also wrote an article about on Medium. But broadly, that’s how he considers AI and bots: Like new design tools. But my god, are they a thrilling new paradigm – from a design-, interaction-, technological- and societal perspective! At BotSupply, Simon thus strives to leverage the power of design, AI and conversations to thoughtfully create new kinds of solutions, products and services, powered by BotSupply's unique network approach. BotSupply is essentially a new ecosystem for AI, powered by a growing network of AI scientists and creatives. And, going forward, Simon believes the AI revolution will need both. Neither creatives nor scientists can alone make the futuristic and magic-like AI applications real, so let’s united the two!


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