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Theo Blackwell

Chief Digital Officer
Greater London Authority


Theo Blackwell

Appointed in 2017 as London's first Chief Digital Officer, Theo leads on London-wide digital transformation, data and smart city initiatives at City Hall.

His role involves:

* strategic leadership on the digital transformation agenda for London's public services, across the GLA group and the wider public sector
* convening on behalf of the Mayor, across London local government to support the take-up of innovative, technology, and data-led approaches to service delivery and public engagement
* developing and promoting partnership between the public, private and community sectors to enable and support the development of new public service-oriented technology and innovation.


Greater London Authority

Greater London Authority / City Hall

The Greater London Authority (GLA), "City Hall", is the devolved regional governance body of Greater London, England. It consists of two political branches: the executive Mayoralty (currently led by Sadiq Khan) and the 25-member London Assembly

About London’s new public digital infrastructure

London’s new public digital infrastructure is a term describing core smart city work by the Mayor of London and partners to prepare for future innovation at a scale that can truly benefit Londoners.

As Chief Digital Officer for London, Theo’s approach builds strategic capability through better digital connectivity, collaboration and joined-up city data to address the challenges faced by the city, such as achieving Net Zero, as well as prepare for advances in AI and other emerging technologies.


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