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Jason Shim

Chief Strategy Officer

Jason joined 42Maru in 2018 as a Chief Strategy Officer to help overseas expansion and business development. 42Maru is a Techstars company with HQ in Korea and subsidiary in London developing a QA (Question Answering) System based on deep learning. Prior to joining 42Maru, Jason has invested into 42Maru while working as a Venture Capitalist with focuses on early stage startups with disruptive technology. Jason has worked as a database programmer in a search portal engine with financial backgrounds in Shinhan Securities, AJU IB Investment, Tencent and Dayli Venture Capital. Jason is bilingual in English and Korean and have graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in Computer Science and Economics.


42Maru is building a QA (Question Answering) system based on deep learning that understands a question and delivers a single correct answer from a large unstructured data-set. Established at the end of 2015, with 45 employees our QA system uses deep learning engines such as NLU(Natural Language Understanding), MRC(Machine Reading Comprehension) and Paraphrasing engines to help optimize workflows with data-intensive companies by our 1)Data Intelligence for business service. Our system can also be applied to 2)AI-based chatbots and 3)Smart devices. We are globally the first startup to co-rank no. 1 with Google AI Team in Stanford University’s MRC competition (SQuAD 2.0) as of last year.


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