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Matteo Baido

Head of IT Innovation
UBI Banca

Matteo joined the Financial Services in 2004 as a consultant and then in organizational roles in UBI Banca, leading italian retail bank; he has recently started in his role as a full time innovator. His experience in UBI Banca spans over projects related to core banking products development, digital transformation, bank merger integration, efficiency and innovation in distribution network and branch transformation. He has a previous 4 years experience in retail goods manufacturing and 5 years in management consulting. He holds a Degree in Engineering and an MBA at Bocconi Business School.


The UBI Banca Group is a multi-functional, federal and integrated Group. Its strategy of using recognized brand names to enhance its presence on local markets increases the distribution strength of branches thanks to strong customer relationships and participation in the economic and social life of local communities. The Group works with a long term perspective, in the pursuit of solid customer relationships, sound capital strength, operational efficiency and attentive risk control. It aims to create value for all its stakeholders consistent with its nature as a "popular" co-operative bank.


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