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Mr. Hiroyuki Kaneda

CEO, Japan
LivePerson Japan

Graduated from INSEAD MBA. In 1998, he joined SAP, a major foreign-affiliated software company expanding globally, as a new graduate. Since then, he received the President's Award in the first year of joining the company (then won the award for three consecutive years), became an assistant vice president at the age of 29, became a general manager at the age of 30, and was promoted to general manager at the age of 35. Experienced in a wide range of management from marketing to sales and operations.
Selected as the top SAP talent with high performance (top 2%) among 100,000 SAP companies for 7 consecutive years. After promoting new global business as a general manager (GM) at the head office of Misumi Group, a major Japanese manufacturing and distribution company, he is currently the representative director of the foreign-affiliated IT company "LivePerson" listed on NASDAQ.
In private, study sessions are held regularly, and the total number of participants exceeds 1,000. So far, 10 books have been published. He has been published in various media such as President, Diamond, Toyo Keizai, and Nikkei Business Associate.


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