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Let the RAG control your botti? Edge cases
for simple RAG approaches

Time & Place

March 20

Meet Your Intructors

Stefan Schaffer

Senior Researcher, DFKI GmbH

Stefan Schaffer is a Senior Researcher and Head of the Human-AI Interaction group at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) Cognitive Assistants department.
As project leader of numerous industrial and applied research projects, he realised human-AI interfaces utilising conversational, multisensory, and implicit interaction for domains such as mobility, automotive, tax information, customer service, etc.
Currently, he is working on AI chatbots for value chains and hybrid events. Before joining DFKI, Stefan worked as a product manager at Linon Medien. He studied communication science and computer science and did his doctorate at the Technical University of Berlin in the field of multimodal human-computer interaction.

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