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Building the world's most advanced socratic GenAI powered tutor in 3 months

The teams at Khan Academy have been working for years to emulate 1:1 tutoring by enabling learners to move at their own time and pace through videos and practice problems. But when they were given an early sneak peak into GPT-4, they saw an opportunity to truly democratize 1:1 tutoring at scale.

In this keynote, Shawn will delve deep into the inner workings of Khanmigo, Khan Academy's AI tutor: how it harnesses GenAI to adapt to learners, the innovative integration of educational principles, the strategies for increasing mathematical accuracy, and the agile processes necessary to build and launch in 3 months. In addition, Shawn will shed light on potential challenges as well as future enhancements the team is looking to implement.


Shawn Jansepar

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