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Combating Insurance Fraud and Deception with Conversational AI

The rapid advancement of speech and natural language technology in recent years has been a significant aspect of the Industry 4.0 era. This progress has been propelled by GPU hardware and deep learning frameworks that leverage them, as well as the widespread adoption of open-source software by both the academic and commercial AI communities. These developments have revolutionized the way humans interact with computers and have given rise to a multitude of commercial products that rely on speech recognition, natural language processing, and natural language understanding, collectively known as Conversational AI.

In today’s keynote, Dr Julie Wall will talk about Conversational AI in the insurance domain, where speech and language technologies are harnessed to detect deception and combat fraud. By analyzing the patterns, tone, and content of spoken or written interactions, Conversational AI can identify suspicious behaviors or indications of fraudulent activities. Furthermore, the emergence of Large Language Models has undoubtedly transformed this field. While Large Language Models have achieved remarkable advancements, in today’s keynote, Dr Julie Wall will highlight several important directions for research.


Julie Wall, PhD.

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