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State of the Bots: Mastering the Power of Generative AI for Better Conversations

Since our foundation in 2016, we've eagerly awaited this moment! The inevitability of conversing with AI bots has become evident to all. Yet, despite the anticipation, many organizations have not yet embraced this technology. As customers, we often find ourselves waiting on hold for extended periods.

Nearly every business and technology leader is confronted with a pivotal choice: What is the best way to provide conversational experiences to my customers and employees? If I have an already existing working Conversational AI deployment, does Generative AI render it obsolete? Should I keep my existing solution, or should I switch now to a Large Language Model-based framework? Can Large Language Models truly be mastered to avoid potential pitfalls? How can we establish trust between customers and AI-driven solutions?

How much should I invest in natural language and conversational-based experiences versus my existing web, app, and IVR experiences? Which industries will lead this change, and which will stick with their current approach?

Join Yoav Barel as he offers answers to these questions and provides invaluable insights into the current state of Conversational AI. He will also spotlight remarkable success stories achieved through the adoption of Generative AI.


Yoav Barel

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