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Strategic Implementation and Risk Management: Deploying Generative AI in Large Corporates

Delve into the intricate process of deploying Generative AI within large corporate structures in this insightful workshop. KPN, a Dutch telecommunications company, has implemented gen AI in several domains. One application of gen AI that in particular stands out is customer facing application of Gen AI, meaning there is no human-in-the-loop. In this case in the KPN’s digital assistant Dot. The risk of AI on society, the impacts on jobs, all the way to our extinction is all over the news almost every other day. In this masterclass, however, we will focus on the risks in an enterprise setting and how to go about them. KPN will share its approach as a primer, but how you apply gen AI in your organization or business is likely different. And so is how you go about this. Discover strategic implementation methods and understand critical risk management approaches. This workshop is tailored for professionals aiming to execute AI initiatives with precision and foresight in large-scale organizations.


Mark Wessel

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