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The Staggering Promise and Perils of Investing in Generative AI — and What Needs to be Done Now

Generative AI is off to the races. During the recent global tech downturn, GenAI became the solitary venture investable “hot spot.” But what is hype and what is real?
In this intimate discussion, leading first-money venture capitalist Michael Fertik and legendary investor John Burbank reveal what they have learned about the current landscape and what they predict will be true in the not-too-distant future. These two iconoclastic investors are known as early visionaries about the future of still nascent markets. Join their exciting and personal conversation to discover why they think the Generative AI craze is similar to past trends, why they perceive it as different, and what, in the end, they believe will be the homerun opportunities for this basket of breakthrough opportunities.

Yoav Barel

Fireside Chat

Michael Fertik

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