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(No Expo)

JUNE 25, 2019 11:00-17:00


The first day would be focused on workshops and deep dive sessions in smaller groups of about 40-60 participants.  Each session is scheduled to be 60 minutes and includes time for an interactive q&a with the speaker and discussions between the participants.

There 3 parallel workshops tracks which are scheduled between 11:00 until 17:00 with a 15-20 minutes break to allow for casual networking or pre-scheduled 1:1meetings through BrellaBot.

In order to attend this day, you must hold a PLUS Pass which allows you to participate in 3 workshops or a PREMIUM Pass which allows you to participate in 5 workshops.


We are going to end the pre-conference workshops with our signature BOTS OVER BEERS event which will be held in a nearby bar and will include the semi-finals of the startup competition 

Messaging Behavior Design: the neuroscience of engaging user experience

Matt Mayberry, Head of Growth, Thrive Global

(Cont'd) Evaluation, Testing Methodology, and Best Practices For Speech-Based Interaction

Dr. Nava Shaked, HIT Holon Institute of Technology

How LinkedIn Leveraged Microsoft Bot Framework to Increase Enterprise Productivity

Anshul Sharma, Senior Software Engineer, Enterprise AI, Linkedin

Advanced Conversational Design: how to design human-like conversations to improve the customer journey

Speaker to be revealed soon

The Success Story Behind One of the Most Engaging Bots in the US

Speaker to be revealed soon

Conversations are Challenging: How AccuWeather is Meeting them head-on

Stephen Keefer, Senior Software Engineer, Enterprise Bot, Accuweather

(Cont'd) Voice and Language Technology Primer

David Attwater, EIG

The Journey of The Global Vodafone TOBi Bot

Leonid Mishkind, Vodafone Group

iMessage by Apple, RCS by Google, WhatsApp by Facebook: who is going to be the winner by 2025?

Speaker to be revealed soon

Best Practices for Designing Natural, Helpful Bot Dialogs for Customer Support for Advanced Designers

Greg Bennett, Salesforce

Personality Goes A Long Way: 5 Methods to Give Your Bot a Personality

Speaker to be revealed soon

Enterprise Considerations and challenges on the journey to a proper chatbot platform

Christian Buchwald, Chief Technology Scout, TÜV Rheinland Service GmbH

Voice Ready Multi Turn Conversation Design Workshop

Jason Gilbert, AI Conversation Systems

Voice and Language Technology Primer

David Attwater, EIG

Mobile Banking Apps vs. Conversational Banking: who will come out on top?

Speaker to be revealed soon

18:30 - 20:30


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