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Founded in 2010, On is a sportswear brand that set out to shake up the running industry with a single transformative product, a completely new cushioning technology for running shoes, CloudTec®. Today, On remains innovation and design-led, delivering industry-disrupting premium footwear, apparel, and accessories for high-performance running, tennis, outdoor, and all-day activities.

Speakers By


Clara Rizzo

Global Customer Service Project Specialist, On AG

Clara is a dynamic professional with a robust background in customer service, driving global transformative solutions for customer service teams. Her efforts are dedicated to understanding the unique needs of customer service teams from an automation perspective across the diverse landscapes of EMEA, NA, and APAC regions, shaping the automation strategy alongside CX.

Aura Hita Losa

CX Automations Specialist, On AG

As a CX Advocate and seasoned Marketer, Aura is at the forefront of advancing Conversational Automation in her role as a CX Automations Specialist at On. She brings over a decade of global digital expertise, and has dedicated over 5 years to the Conversational AI industry, with a focus on elevating customer-brand interactions through the application of AI technologies.

Passionate about creating meaningful conversations, Aura is highly engaged in understanding UX and cross-cultural consumer behavior, reflecting her dedication to fostering impactful and innovative solutions.

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