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Chatbot Summit gathers industry leaders, innovators, and experts in the field of chatbots, conversational AI, and related technologies. We’re proud to team up with local partners and initiatives to contribute to our dynamic tech ecosystem.

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Chatbot Summit Community Programm

We aim to leverage the expertise and influence of leaders in the ecosystem to drive positive change
and shape the future of chatbots and conversational AI.

Industry Experts 

Leaders with deep expertise in Conversational and Generative AI, Machine & Deep Learning, NLP & NLU, and related fields.


Visionary individuals mentoring startups in Conversational and Generative AI.

Academic Leaders

Pioneers leading academic groups in Generative and Conversational AI. 

Community Managers

Passionate organizers of local meetups focused on Generative or Conversational AI.


Social leaders spreading awareness and engaging a global audience in AI discussions

Accelerators & Innovators

Managers of leading accelerator programs supporting collaboration with startups

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