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Code of Conduct 

The Chatbot Summit Code of Conduct is dedicated to creating an event that is safe and enjoyable for everyone, based on the principles of inclusion, equality, diversity and respect.


By purchasing a ticket to, working for, vending at or sponsoring any Chatbot Summit event, conference and conference-related social event, you agree to this policy.


Chatbot Summit does not tolerate any type of harassment, including the following but not limited to:


Inappropriate physical contact

Unwelcome sexual attention

Display of sexual images in public spaces

Deliberate verbal or physical intimidation

Sustained disruption of talks or other events

Advocating for or encouraging any of the above behaviors


Because of the following but not limited to Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Gender identity and expression, Sexual orientation, Disability, Physical appearance, Body size, Age or Religion.


At Chatbot Summit’s discretion, anyone in violation of the above guidelines will be removed from the venue immediately without a refund and potentially barred from future Chatbot Summit events.


If you experience or witness a Code of Conduct violation, please report it to with the subject: Code of Conduct Violation or to any Chatbot Summit member of staff at the event venues.

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