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Our Favorite World Cup Bots 2018

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Written by: Batya Mor & Elizabeth Schwartz

We have been really excited about the World Cup here at Chatbot Summit! We have had some grueling debates on the winners of each match and have even placed some in house bets 😜

Chatbots @World Cup 2018
Chatbots @World Cup 2018

Nonetheless, we took this time to think about how this global tournament has impacted the Chatbot Community. So what did we do?

We decided to reach out to some of our sports bots in the community to see if they were working on anything special. Below is a list of six of our favorites.

Take a look and see how they each differ! We found it pretty cool…

1. Tokabot

Tokabot Football and their bwin WettBuddy bot’s provides updates on matches for their community while also allowing group discussions between fans. They engage fans to live broadcasts and provide an overall experience following sports favorites, alone or with friends, and receive interactive content in real time.

Most interesting insight: Users love interactive content preferably in real time and context.

Most surprising data: The fan’s second screen is always his social chat.

How has your engagement progressed since the start of the World Cup? - We’re having fans from all over the world, in our white label cooperation or in Tokabot Football, and from a B2C implementation.

2. Viber

The name of Viber’s bot is the World Football 2018 bot. They are live on android, ios, windows, linux. The main purpose of the bot is to provide match result predictions. Fans predict match results, collect points for precise predictions, create in-group chat leaderboard and at the end of the tournament win VIP trip to El Classico.