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Takeaways and Epic Photos from Chatbot Summit Berlin 2017

Checkout Chatbots Agency's take on Chatbot Summit Berlin 2017. Written by Cliff of Chatbots Agency. Visit their page for the original article and to see the awesome photos they took from the summit.

We love bots, so obviously we couldn’t miss the Chabot Summit in Berlin at the end of June. It was a fantastic event, Yoav Barel and his team really outdid themselves in the organization. And apart from the fantastic parties and networking we of course also had some key takeaways from the main event:

  • The bot community is huge! Although sometimes we feel like a minority in our tiny high-tech bubble, there are really many of us. Also the large variety of different projects and focuses is impressive and inspiring.

  • Large firms are investing! Even though convincing firms that they should be developing bots seems like a hard task at times, it was comforting to see that large players like Zalando, Deutsche Telekom and Lufthansa are all very involved in our field of work. Some, like Zalando, are also using chatbots to develop new revenue fields. Zalando wants to move on from being a “simple” shop to being a technology provider for other retailers, chatbots being at the top of their list.

  • Mica loves Poncho! It was great meeting up with Kuan Huang from Poncho again; from getting insights into his vision and strategies to drinking beers and talking cats it’s always a pleasure. We look forward to seeing you on the Battle of the Apps.

  • Mica is a celebrity! Talking to our international colleagues one always worries that being from Vienna, and as such a little out of the silicon valley spotlight, might be a disavantage. But once you mention Mica everyone know’s who you are. It’s really inspiring to see that our little cat is so well known 📷

  • UX and dialog design are an art form! Adrian Zumbrunnen (, designer at Google, not only held a fantastic talk, but also highlighted some of the intricacies of bot design. Some of my personal highlights: Writing becomes more and more important, delightful details matter and timing changes interpretation. Read more from Adrian about “Technical and social challenges of conversational design” here.

  • Barbara has a lot to say! Of course our CEO also was on stage on a panel with  xxx


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