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Takeaways from Chatbot Summit 2018, by Simon Morel from BotSupply

Main insights and what to be aware of in the AI & chatbot industry in the year(s) to come

Not even a week ago, I was away for a (much needed!) break from the Danish winter weather, when I walked around barefoot on the beaches of sunny Tel Aviv. And what a great week in Israel’s cosmopolitan tech-hub it was — I mean, look at that sunset. Who wouldn’t love it?

The biggest chatbot gathering in the world

The occasion of going to Tel Aviv wasn’t just to get some sun, beaches and suck in the fuzz of Israel’s biggest tech hotspot though. Rather, the BotSupply team was in town to participate in the 4th edition of the Chatbot Summit, with the goal of tapping into a fresh round of perspectives, get talking with industry colleagues, find new friends to play with and of course to keep learning more about how we can improve ourselves

So we packed our bags and flew in from all over the world to meet in Israel ✈️. And as the hodgepodge of a team we are, we were represented by co-founders, designers, business developers and AI scientists from Denmark, Italy and India 🇩🇰 🇮🇹 🇮🇳

So what did we learn?


The headlines mainly revolved around the state of the industry as a whole, and how we progress from here as a unified business area:

So what do we do when our baby-bot industry is finally about to grow up and actually needs to deliver value to clients, users and customers?

Essentially, the chatbot industry has grown up, and is now facing the hard reality of Gardners (in)famous hype curve’s bottom point 👇

The good news is that this is really an opportunity: As an industry, we’re finally reaching a point where technology, know-how, users and market are aligning and becomming more ready than ever for the robot invasion 🤖

So let’s go ahead and grab that opportunity… But how? Happy you asked!

Focus, tech and some more focus

Entering 2018, there are a lot of (more or less) good chatbot companies out there, so we need to ask ourselves how we can 1) make the best chatbot business, and 2) stand out from the rising competitors?

The main takeaway from our perspective was focus. For some, this means creating a bot framework for developers, and for others, it’s creating a DIY platform for enterprise chatbots. At BotSupply, we don’t think the main value for the above mentioned stakeholders is in creating more of that. The world of both bots and applied AI needs more focus on use cases, quality, design and tech. So for us, focus means focusing even more on what we’re best at: The intersection of Creativity and AI 💡🤖