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Open Plaza Talk

Chatbot Templates - A Chatbot for Every Business

Join Nathan as he talks through and provides unique features and unique chatbot templates to help any business, store, and organization take full advantage of chatbots applications.

June 26

10 mins


Nathan Bajrach

Nathan Bajrach

Founder & CEO, Virtual Spirits

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Nathan Bajrach is a chatbot pioneer and the founder and CEO of VirtualSpirits ( Nathan founded VirtualSpirits in 2008 to bring chatbots to businesses long before people knew what chatbots are. Starting from a simple idea, he has led its organic growth to a chatbot platform used by over 15,000 businesses and tens of millions of people around the world. With hundreds of ready-to-use chatbot templates and its intuitive platform, Nathan's VirtualSpirits brings chatbots to every business's front door.


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