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Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat: Role of Generative AI in the Greater London Authority

In this insightful fireside chat, Theo Blackwell and Yoav Barel explore the role Generative AI plays in the GLA Digital strategy and the impact it has on the services offered by the GLA. In addition, they will discuss what can be done to encourage the acceleration and adoption of Generative and Conversational AI by UK businesses.

Oct 12

09:10 - 09:20

Main Stage

Theo Blackwell

Theo Blackwell

Chief Digital Officer, Greater London Authority

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Appointed in 2017 as London's first Chief Digital Officer, Theo leads on London-wide digital transformation, data and smart city initiatives at City Hall.

His role involves:

* strategic leadership on the digital transformation agenda for London's public services, across the GLA group and the wider public sector
* convening on behalf of the Mayor, across London local government to support the take-up of innovative, technology, and data-led approaches to service delivery and public engagement
* developing and promoting partnership between the public, private and community sectors to enable and support the development of new public service-oriented technology and innovation.

Yoav Barel

Yoav Barel

Founder & Managing Partner, Chatbot Summit

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Yoav Barel is the Founder and CEO of Chatbot Summit and a Partner at Sunrize Research. He is a seasoned tech executive with senior positions at Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and LivePerson, where he pioneered customer experience innovations. Yoav believes that conversational experiences powered by Generative AI (Chatbots) will dominate how we interact with technology and businesses. He also advises startups and provides research services to corporations and investors.


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