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From Ideation to Conversation: a hands-on session on how to find the right use case and turn it into a MVP in minutes

A hands-on session showing how to find the right use case and how to turn it into a mvp in just minutes.

Sascha will demonstrate the opportunities and challenges of Conversational AI learned from the practice (i.e. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Webchats, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc.). Both Technology and User Experience will be covered introducing a process finding micro-moments, writing happy paths, gathering intents, coding and designing the conversational flow, and finally publishing on almost all channels including Voice Services and Chatbots. Valuable for enterprises, developers, and designers.

Dec 11


15 mins


Sascha Wolter

Sascha Wolter

Professional Developer, Cognigy

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Sascha Wolter is a professional developer and user experience enthusiast. His true passion is to improve the human-computer interaction: He loves to build conversational and multimodal experiences with text (chatbots) and voice (aka Alexa). Sascha works as a consultant, trainer, lecturer, speaker, and author who focusses on understanding, innovation, and value. As such he is committed to the interests of all kinds of developers, users, and prosumers. When Sascha is not developing new ideas, he likes hiking and skiing in the mountains, enjoys good Italian coffee and loves to explore the world together with his kids in an odd way.


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