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Fireside Chat

H&B Model: Building Trust with Generative AI Powered Applications

Join Laura and Yoav as they engage in a discussion about building user trust with Generative AI powered applications. They will explore the intricacies of human-AI interactions, emphasizing the pivotal role of trust between AI and humans. The conversation will touch on the importance of transparency regarding AI's involvement in interactions and the ethical considerations surrounding Conversational AI.

Laura and Yoav will share ethical perspectives and discuss potential strategies as well as the Sunrize H&B (Human & Bot) model that will be used for brands to enhance and build trust in AI-powered applications. This fireside chat promises to offer valuable guidance and ethical wisdom for building trust in AI-driven interactions.

Oct 12

10:15 - 10:30

Main Stage

Laura Simpson

Laura Simpson

Chief Intelligence Officer, McCann Worldgroup

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Laura Simpson is the Chief Intelligence Officer for McCann Worldgroup and the President of the global thought leadership group, McCann Truth Central. Laura heads up the network's global intelligence capability that has been the driving force behind some of the most impactful and culturally-significant marketing over the last decade.

Yoav Barel

Yoav Barel

Founder & CEO, Chatbot Summit

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Yoav Barel is the Founder and CEO of Chatbot Summit and a Partner at Sunrize Research. He is a seasoned tech executive with senior positions at Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and LivePerson, where he pioneered customer experience innovations. Yoav believes that conversational experiences powered by Generative AI (Chatbots) will dominate how we interact with technology and businesses. He also advises startups and provides research services to corporations and investors.


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