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Voice Technology – How Does It All Work?

If you’ve ever wondered how a conversational system like Alexa or a chatbot really works, this is the talk for you. Whether you are designing a chatbot, smart-speaker app or a telephone voice assistant, the underlying technologies are all very similar. We will give an overview of the different technologies that work together to make a conversational voice system work. We will cover speech recognition, language understanding, text to speech, conversation management, and response generation. You should come away with a good understanding of how the different technologies fit together and which bits are true AI and which bits still need skilled designers. You should also get a feel for the rate of progress and which improvements and additional features we may start to see available soon.

Dec 12


30 mins


David Attwater

David Attwater

Senior Scientist, Enterprise Integration Group

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David is a Speech Scientist and conversational designer with over 25 years of experience researching and designing natural spoken dialog between machines and people. Over this time he has studied how to take the best from the fields of human psychology, conversational theory and AI technologies to deliver effective conversational solutions that really work for customers. David is an expert in spoken dialog and is particularly interested in the synergies and differences between written and spoken conversation with machines. es in conversational design.


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