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Why Voice Will Improve the Usability of Visual Interfaces

Emerging interfaces including voice is fundamentally changing our relationship with technology. As we continue to build these interfaces to reduce the abstraction between human and computer, the building is not likely to get simpler. Design skills are essential
in this process. Even more important is inviting a bigger pool of people into the building process. Having accessible tools that allow us to design and prototype these abstractions are crucial to voice fulfilling its immense potential. Susse will discuss what designers can do to embrace voice and design to stay ahead of the game, and what this means for the future of experience design.

Key takeaways: Design Multimodal Interactions, Voice Prototyping, Understand the Impact of Voice on Usability Testing

Dec 12


15 mins


Susse Sønderby Jensen

Susse Sønderby Jensen

Sr. Experience Designer, Adobe

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Susse Sønderby Jensen is an Experience Designer at Adobe, focused on voice integration for Adobe XD. Susse joined Adobe through the acquisition of Sayspring, which offers a design and prototyping platform for voice interfaces. With a background in both industrial and digital design, Susse has worked with companies across numerous industries, including Sprint, Bank of America, LG, Bose, UBS and more. After getting her first Echo device in 2015, she found voice interfaces to be the perfect balance of designing physical and digital experiences. She is a firm believer that we all soon will be talking to our digital devices a little more, in an effort to look at them a little less.


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