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Intel AI Lab, a team of machine learning and deep learning researchers and engineers, data scientists, and neuroscientists, has been focused on state-of-the art research and development in the field of artificial intelligence. Our core areas of research range from projects with a direct impact on upcoming and future generations of Intel technologies to novel algorithm development in areas such as natural language, speech, and vision. Together with our full stack and optimization expertise, we often apply the results of our research to help our customers solve their business problems. Through our unique team composition we are also exploring integrative approaches to AI spanning across traditional domain and task boundaries. The lab collaborates with academic research institutions and corporations to solve problems using AI. These collaborations include researchers at the University of California Berkeley, Brown University, CERN, and Bar Ilan University, and companies from industries such as finance, energy, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, automotive, government, and media & entertainment. We are committed to strong ethical principles and the use of AI for good

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