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Founded in 2014, Kwalys is a Voice, Call & Chat Bot Creative System Publisher. Kwalys allows companies to produce virtual assistant turnkey products without any line of code. Combining several techniques: decision trees, dynamic FAQ (integration) and Artificial Intelligence (Natural Language Process, neural networks, machine learning), Kwalys makes it simple to build any type of virtual assistant. Whether it be for customer relationship, sales, human resources, marketing or after sales services, Kwalys makes it possible for customers to create their virtual assistant with no technical skills needed. Several companies in different activity fields are already using Kwalys to solve a variety of use cases: AG2R La Mondiale (Customers self-care and Retail), SmartHome (Sales, Support et After sales services in 5 languages), Open (Recruitment) and more used cases with big accounts like Naval Group and Endel Engie. Kwalys has also developed a unique method and an original Artificial Intelligence algorithm for language recognition: IVY-AI. This conversational bot increases the performance of the assistants’ conversation skills and improves their recognition of a question/answer of their users by 30%. IVY-AI is a free API that adapts to all types of virtual assistants. With Kwalys, a virtual assistant is not only a conversational agent, but becomes a new complete INTERFACE to connect to all channels: web, phone or IoT. The use of Artificial Intelligence as a solution does not imply that it is complicated nor complex. It is not the AI that makes chatbots smart but the way they are built. All companies, ranging from international entreprizes to SME, are faced with the challenge of digital transformation and must find appropriate solutions to the need and urgency of change. Kwalys' easy use for designers and users is de facto alf time saver to fit the challenges of future business development.

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