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Neuralfinity is a Hamburg-based AI startup. We are building Gravity, a modular "batteries included" enterprise LLM platform that automates data pipelines, RAG, fine-tuning, and secure deployment of open-source language models. With robust security features and custom tuning capabilities, Gravity empowers organisations to harness the power of open LLMs seamlessly with their data and at scale.

Speakers By


Jannik Malte Meissner

Co-Founder & CEO, Neuralfinity

Jannik is a seasoned entrepreneur and technologist who has been pioneering the field of large language models for the better part of a decade. As Co-Founder and CEO of Neuralfinity, he has built an impressive breadth of expertise deploying cutting-edge LLMs at scale. With a background traversing diverse domains like cleantech, open-source, and retail analytics, Jannik brings a unique perspective on AI applications. Having co-founded multiple startups nudging the boundaries of machine learning over the years, he is now taking on the challenge of productionising LLMs efficiently and effectively at Neuralfinity.

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