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TD has been a huge advocate and investor in AI over the last few years. Key highlights include the acquisition of Layer 6 and our partnership with Kasisto. An impact of that has been TD integrating AI-based capabilities into its digital assets. For example, TD launched a conversational AI assistant (Clari) on its mobile app and recently announced it would be launching AI-based personalization capabilities within the mobile app to help customers manage their money better.

My team specifically, is comprised of business and technology SMEs in the conversational AI space that lead and guide the conversational AI ecosystem across the bank. This will allow us to pave the way forward for conversational AI in the bank, as well as the Canadian market. This has required a significant time investment to understand the landscape (e.g., vendors, products in market) and build a target state operating model that we would like to achieve.

Forums like the Chatbot Summit are another great opportunity for us to share our experiences and learnings to further enable others to achieve similar successes in this domain.

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