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Dec 11

Open Plaza Talk

Bank as a Conversation (BaaC): overview of most consistent use cases

Deeply convinced that “Bank As A Conversation” will be the next revolution in Digital Banking, during this 5’ pitch we will share our vision of what could be the most valuable use cases taking into account the challenges that have to be taken up in this domain. We will briefly give an overview of how we’ve designed our WL Conversational Platform to perform conversations with the right balance between usability and security.



Mathieu Barthelemy

Mathieu Barthelemy

Lead Product Manager Digital Banking

Mathieu has been working at Worldline in Digital Banking for more than 10 years. He started as a software engineer before working as a team leader in Mobile Banking Apps. Passionate about digital transformation and user eXperience, Mathieu today works as a lead Product Manager of the WL Conversational Platform with a focus on financial and banking skills.





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With 45+ years of experience in the payments services and 25+ years in the digital business, thanks to a presence in 30+ countries Worldline: connects, empowers consumers and secures sensitive transactions in our daily lives. Covering the entire digital services value chain, more than 11.000 technological and business experts design the digital business models and digital platforms that help millions of customers, companies and partners deliver innovative services and improve their lifes.

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