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June 26

Open Plaza Talk

Enrich Your Chatbot With AI Capabilities

Using IBM Watson AI services your chatbot will be able to understand unstructured data like pictures and voice. Today chatbots mostly able to answer text input but in the near future they will be requested to do more. Come and hear about Watson services that can take your chatbot to the next level.


Tal Neaman

Tal Neaman

Developer Advocate

Tal Neaman is a Developer Advocate in IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator. He is responsible to make it easy for developers to use IBM Cloud Platform. Tal conducts workshops and lectures about cloud computing, blockchain, AI, mobile development, kubernetes, docker, servereless, IoT and various technologies that can be used in IBM Cloud for start-ups and developers communities. As a part of being a Developer Advocate, Tal is also responsible for developing cloud based applications using micro-services such as Watson services for chatbots, speech analysis and other NLP-Based and AI application to help other developers start their cloud application faster.





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AI technology has moved from science fiction to business fact. To meet today’s challenges and prepare for the future, you need AI solutions that integrate with your infrastructure and data strategy.
 IBM has been exploring artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and techniques for decades. We believe AI will transform the world in dramatic ways in the coming years – and we’re advancing the field through our portfolio. IBM IT infrastructure is designed with the big picture of AI in mind, with the right combination of systems, software and open-source frameworks to bring your IT up to speed for AI and deep learning success. From workload management and core optimization to open-source deep learning frameworks, IBM has the software to help you train, deploy, and optimize across thousands of cores.

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