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June 26


Multimedia Learning: Speech to Text to Language

To understand language is to understand how human beings experience the world around them, so its no wonder NLP is one of the most difficult problems in AI. If thats not difficult enough, it seems almost impossible to incorporate other domains like images, videos or voice into the mix and generate human-like interactions. However, learning from different modalities simultaneously is not only possible for human beings, it actually makes language easier to learn. In this talk well examine these difficulties and propose a different approach for multi-media learning inspired by how we humans learn.


Asi Shefer

Asi Shefer

Lead NLP Researcher

As a Lead Data Scientist at LogMeIn AI Center of Excellence, Asi uses his expertise in NLP and multi-media learning to study how humans interact in a multi-domain world and develop new technologies such as dialogue systems, information retrieval, speech to text and more





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Simplifying how people interact with each other and the world around them to drive meaningful insight, deeper relationships and better outcomes for all has helped LogMeIn grow to become one of the world’s top 10 SaaS companies with a leadership position in every one of our markets. With a platform that supports two million daily users, 200 million customer engagements and five billion voice minutes per year, we have not only capitalized on but helped invent the modern way of working – flexible, dispersed, mobile, efficient and productive. Our easy-to-use products are adopted by professionals and leveraged by small to medium-sized businesses the world over who are looking for increased insight into their customers' journeys, simpler internal and external collaboration, and a more empowered workforce.

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